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To launch your company’s web promotion, IPS will create a state of the art business identity for your website. Our service involves a face-to-face consultation to understand your specific requirements and discuss ideas for optimising your company’s potential on the Internet. With the fullest support and most detailed yet speedy service, you will find it hard to find such a thorough, affordable web promotion package anywhere else in Greece.

Creating an attractive, well-designed and functional website is only the beginning, and certainly not enough to ensure visits from new clients. Next comes a big “campaign” to attract consumers to your website and “stimulate” their interest. All the techniques, modifications and actions towards this goal are called “web promotion”.

With our know-how and experience, IPS will be your partner in ensuring potential customers and contracting new partnerships.

Starting from the registration of your online presence in the biggest and best-known Greek and foreign search engines (search engine optimisation), up to the research and specialised development of your business marketing strategy (customised strategies), IPS is at your service. Audiences that had previously never heard of you will suddenly know your company’s name.

In this context, IPS will develop promotional web banners that make your website more attractive, because – following extensive research – we know what drives potential visitors to “click” on a banner or link to selected websites with high traffic. Also, IPS includes the familiar tool of email marketing in your advertising campaign. We undertake the whole process, from writing intelligent, interesting messages to collecting the responses and presenting the full statistics to your company.

Find out more about web promotion today by completing our contact form. Our experts will contact you to discuss your web presence needs.


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