Search Engine Oprimisation (SEO)

Choose the optimisation package (SEO) that best suits your needs for the duration you require. Ten (10) days is the minimum period for the service, to allow the first comparative performance statistics to become available. The results are totally dependent on compliance with the rules and instructions our company stipulates for the correct use of texts and presentation on your website. These rules may change in accordance with the prevailing methods of SEO that are relevant to global trends and official statements from the search engines – our experts monitor these developments and update you about any new search engine rules.

The SEO service does not imply any kind of co-operation with the search engines, rather it is an independent service of technical support which is applied by IT experts. For guaranteed and immediate positioning in a sponsored link, there are separate advertising promotional services available, like Google Adwords.

Please contact us for more information on SEO or Google Adwords campaigns.


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