E-shop development

The Internet is rapidly becoming a vital tool for promotion and communication, as businesses can now communicate with their customers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. It also offers small and intermediate companies the possibility of competing with the giants and allows them to become distributors on a worldwide scale.

The term "e-commerce" describes any type of commercial transaction undertaken electronically. Commercial transactions are entirely without paperwork, using only computer networks.

IPS recognises the value and practicality of "e-commerce" and has been investing in it since 1999. It has very successfully manufactured special applications for electronic transactions. The application active3 B2B (wholesale market) allows companies to improve collaborations, to simplify internal processes and optimise order-taking. At the same time, on a consumer level, the application active3 B2C (retail market) allows detailed presentation of the business' products, the comparison of products, ordering and payment via credit card. With extensive experience of security issues, modern Internet marketing and projection, IPS provides complete solutions to satisfy even the most demanding requirements (eg. connection with other network systems or databases). Thus any company, big or small, can now confidently create its own professional e-shop.

E-commerce is the future; that's why all of us at IPS take part in shaping and laying the solid foundations for an efficient, top quality, competitive and modern market.

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