IPS welcomes all professions and types of business, from a multinational company to a cardiologist, a monastery to a ski resort. No customer is too big, too small or too challenging for our inspired team of dynamic experts.

Our colourful spectrum of clients looks to the future and utilises the endless possibilities of web promotion, web marketing and e-shops. At our new head offices in Thessaloniki we house the latest hardware and design software to meet each client’s needs. We offer in-house multimedia such as panoramic images and mannequin technology and are experts in search engine optimisation.

We are broadminded by nature and are always seeking new business categories.

It is thanks to the diversity of our clients and the challenges they throw at us that IPS remains a constantly adapting, modern company that proudly stands amongst the top web developing and web hosting industry leaders in Northern Greece.

The IPS philosophy is customer-focused. It has to be. Web development’s very nature requires a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. We are experts at analysing the customer’s needs in detail to quickly create an affordable, dynamic website beyond compare. Contact us for a free quote.

Corporate sites

Here are some corporate sites we developed. Each design is unique and according to customer style and advertising concept.

Unions - Associations

Everyone can have a web presence to inform, to write about issues and to communicated. Unions, Associations and other similar bodies or agencies can use the Internet for that porpoises.

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