Simple hosting versus Cloud hosting

Until now there have been two choices for hosting websites in the Windows environment: the simple VPS, where a website shares virtual space with other web applications with resources from the same machine; or the more professional solution, a dedicated server which ensures resources exclusively for individual websites. These two methods have limits however, beyond which they cannot develop unless they are moved to new machines with bigger capacities.

There are no restrictions with Clouds, because the architecture of the system is such that it ensures flexible resources. The data and load of each job automatically share multiple blade servers. Thus the website finds itself in a “cloud of” server banks where the webmasters can instantly fluctuate the resources, depending on the running needs, without transportation elsewhere.

Clouds enable the following:

  • ‘uptime’ is improved considerably, which is essential for the speed of a good operating system. Tens of servers respond and share out job loads, while the risk of simultaneous failure (hard disk failure, virus infection) is practically impossible. Individual problems do not therefore influence the running of a website, as the website does not depend on only one machine – if one is down, all the rest still steadily feed information. Diagnostic programs and specialist sensors inform the administrators of any damage without needing time offline. When fixed, that server will be once again become part of the “cloud”.
  • an increased response speed is always automatically selected by the system server with the most resources in order to feed information (low CPU usage).
  • the security of websites is strengthened as behind the whole system are hardware firewalls with intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and anti-virus appliances. Such security for individual servers would be exceptionally costly, but the concentration of everything in a shared location cuts security costs considerably.
  • all the processes are grouped into a united system. This considerably decreases website support time per year and therefore cuts maintenance costs, making this way of hosting far more economical.

Clouds are the future of website hosting and are constantly gaining more ground in the software industry. IPS is among the first to have recognised this and adopted innovations in the web development and hosting market, that’s why we immediately invested in the new technology of Cloud Hosting.

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