Search engines and active3 CMS

In December 2000 a team of experts from Thessaloniki recognised the importance of search engines, and focused on the creation of a content management system to develop dynamic websites. They had five rules:

  1. search engine effective
  2. user friendly
  3. standardised functions and interactive features
  4. highly flexible and able to develop 
  5. time efficient regards code

The system that came into being was named active3, because it consists of 3 interconnected departments: the appearance (layout); the management code (dll); and the website’s database. This composition proved to be very flexible for SEO and, more specifically, the fact that design remained separate to functional code meant that the latter was not effected by any design errors.

The code for active3 CMS is search engine friendly and has been specifically developed to incorporate multiple techniques for optimisation, strengthening a website’s position in the search engines. Every update of a website causes an automatic production of factors for optimisation, resulting in higher search engine classification. This frees up the website’s administrator to focus his attention on the texts, which should be targeted as much as possible. The combination of targeted texts with active3 leads to the website literally taking off in the search engines’ rankings.

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