active3 CMS - Features and Functions

A detailed list of the available functions of active3 full version:

  • To develop an unlimited number of pages and subpages (for each language).

  • To easily update the contents and manage the website. The website administrator can very quickly and easily add categories, articles and photos – without needing specialised computer programming skills – by simply completing forms in the browser.

  • To present and process an unlimited number of products with the ability to execute both retail (shopping basket) and wholesale (multiple price lists) orders.

  • To present complex combinations of features (colour, size) and check availability based on each combination.

  • To redirect all shopping cart information to the secure environment of a bank for payment by credit cards. active3 already works with several banks and paypal.

  • To perform an SSL secure direct API connection and electronic payment by credit card.

  • To use intelligent discount codes (Promo codes) adaptable to the needs and demands of the modern marketplace.

  • To create separate access rights for different members. The application supports the registration of an unlimited number of members with different access rights. Registration can be done either by the administrator or automatically (free or paid). Distinguishable factors can be assigned when a member signs up and then  different functions can be performed for individual members depending on who they are.

  • To create a ticket for every order, or separately for each request or question of your company. The ticket management system allows members to monitor the progress of their tickets through a special area on their profiles, while the administrators of the website can watch thousands of tickets with a classification based on importance, dynamic categories, dates or keywords.

  • To create and manage polls.

  • To create multiple Blogs (newsgroups) and be able to comment on the visitors' contents - for users with prior approval from trustees.

  • To have mass mailing lists for the receipt and confirmation of e-mail accounts. The system always sends emails to those who register for express consent, as required by law. You can export confirmed emails in Excel at any time.

  • To automatically display and hide articles based on a time scale set by the administrator.

  • To transform the URL for better performance in the search engines.

  • To easily move articles to other places (cut – paste) or to copy them (copy - paste).

  • To flag up certain articles within a classification criterion.

  • To publish any article in RSS to attract visitors.

  • To be able to create or view related articles.

  • “Tell a friend” or prompt to print.

  • To link with social networking sites (eg facebook).

  • To use an internal search engine with dynamic search criteria (tags).

  • To create simple or complex communication forms of for any use (eg, complex questionnaires, online competitions, market research etc.).

  • To manage files (eg in the form of forms. Doc or. Pdf) and download them from  visitors'  sites (all or some specific). The application supports FTP upload with resume option for larger files.

  • To manager video files (. Flv) and view them with an integrated video player. With the FTP upload system there is no limit to the video's duration. For good transmission, a hosting space (storage space) with sufficient transmission speed (uplink) is required.

  • To see indepth visitor statistics for your website via an API connection with Google Analytics.

  • To have integrated ad management (banner management).

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