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Even small businesses can become strong players in the global electronic marketplace

Active3 e-shop start - an unrivalled tool for projection and e-sales

The new version active3 e-shop start is aimed at new small businesses which ‘aspire’ to become strong players in the global electronic marketplace. This version is more affordable for e-commerce and can create and edit unlimited number of objects/products etc. active3 e-shop start can be upgraded to higher active3 versions, which offers unique custom design and additional functions, and all that is payable is the difference.

active3 e-shop start's functions include the simple creation of product categories and/or articles and/or products and the ability to easily edit and delete them. You can order items using a shopping basket and the VAT is calculated automatically according to buyers location. And finally, transport fees can also be calculated automatically and there is a very useful option for comparing products.
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active3 e-shop start includes the following functions:

  • create, edit and delete product categories
  • add, edit and delete articles (objects)
  • add, edit and delete products
  • option to order with a shopping basket
  • possible to calculate VAT under Shipping Address
  • possibility of calculating transport
  • ability to compare products
  • opportunity to promote selected products with dynamic promo banners

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