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Even small businesses can become strong players in the global electronic marketplace
Active3 e-shop ambition - an unrivalled tool for projection and e-sales

The new version active3 e-shop ambition is aimed at new small businesses which ‘aspire’ to become strong players in the global electronic marketplace. This version is more affordable for e-commerce and can create and edit unlimited number of objects/products etc. active3 e-shop ambition can be upgraded to active3 B2C, which offers unique custom design and additional functions, and all that is payable is the difference.

Active3 e-shop ambition is an unrivalled tool for projection and e-sales. It is the result of 15 years of active experience in the marketplace, making us adept at understanding the needs and characteristics of a modern companies. Get ahead of the competition, demand more, create another channel of sales and strengthen your position in the market with a professional and sophisticated online shop with active3 e-shop ambition.

Some beneficial attributes of active3 eShop Ambition include the use of 2 default languages, but a customer can upgrade up to as many as necessary for an additional fee. This version offers unlimited number of pages, with a search mechanism, RSS feeds, access to statistics and the option for internal shortcuts. You can set up external links and hold polls. The administrator can create new members with variable access expiry and advanced permissions. Contact forms are easy to set up and you can use blog type posts. You upload files to be downloaded by visitors and can set up photo galleries with a zoom option. There is a shopping cart, of course, and visitors are directed to PayPal for payment. For a small fee, visitors can pay by credit card.

active3 e-shop ambition's functions include the simple creation of product categories and/or articles and/or products and the ability to easily edit and delete them. You can order items using a shopping basket and the VAT is calculated automatically according to buyers location. Transport fees can also be calculated automatically and there is a very useful option for comparing products. Selected products can be promoted with dynamic promo banners. And finally, protected areas and members can easily be added, edited and deleted.
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active3 e-shop ambition includes the following functions:

  • create, edit and delete product categories
  • add, edit and delete articles (objects)
  • add, edit and delete products
  • option to order with a shopping basket
  • possible to calculate VAT under Shipping Address
  • possibility of calculating transport
  • ability to compare products
  • opportunity to promote selected products with dynamic promo banners
  • add, edit and delete protected areas
  • add, edit and delete members

The following template designs are for the Business series of active3. All Business editions can be upgraded to Business Plus editions with custom design depending on the requirements and needs of each enterprise.

Template1 Template 2 Template 3
 Template 4  Template 5  Template 6
 Template 7  Template 8  Template 9
 Template 10  Template 11  Template 12
 Template 13  Template 14  Template 15
Template 16 Template 17   Template 18
Template 19 Template 20  Template 21 
Template 22  Template 23 Template 24 
Template 25 Template 26
Template 27 
Template 28  Template 29 Template 30
 Template 31  Template 32 Template 33 

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