Content Management System - active3 CMS

active3 is a breakthrough product designed and developed entirely by IPS; it is based on Microsoft’s .net technology and is the most sophisticated content management system and webpage development tool currently available on the Greek market. It is user friendly, with unique flexibility and functionality – for example, changes are made directly online by the website owner, without requiring any further contact with the web developing company.

active3 is a modern tool for web presence, interactive communication, sampling and ordering, user group management, enhanced by integrated statistics and banner management applications. active3 is the first content management system to be developed entirely by our experts and involves no dubbing/translation of open source web applications.

With active3 you can develop a completely functional and professional website for your company in a short time and can thereafter update and alter it independently.

active3 CMS - Benefits

What are the benefits when using active3 CMS for online promotion

Custom websites

A lot of companies need “advanced” web applications; applications that require plenty of planning…

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