active3 CMS - Benefits

Always updated to offer a truly modern company presentation 
active3 presents your business professionally and promptly, with no need to pay for any renewal of contents. Changes to an active3 website are made by your own staff, following very simple procedures that are familiar to anyone with basic PC literacy.
active3 is the first CMS application in Greece that integrates RSS Feed technology to keep your customers instantly informed of any additions or changes you make to your website. 
This means your website always shows the latest company news, your new products, the outlets of your distribution network, your colleagues, which all helps to enhance your company image and generate trust in your company. Forget about delays or costs. Now, with just a quick snap from your digital camera, you can instantly put a product on the web, take orders and support your customers. It couldn't be simpler.  

Come out first in the search engines
Everyone knows that you can search for information on websites that are supported by “search engines”. These search engines register and follow your website regularly. Detailed information that is published on your site will put your site even higher in the search engine results.
active3 uses “search engine friendly” technology, ensuring that your website gains popularity and those who are interested in your company are more likely to find your website. There's no point having a fantastic website if no-one can find it...

Economic approach and language 
active3 is the most economical way to present your company or show your products and services to your visitors and colleagues. You can create as many sub-pages as you need quickly and easily at no extra cost!
Also, active3 supports all left-to-right languages, so for just the cost of the translation, you can have your website in any language you want.

Save time and efficiency
Improve the running of your office in areas such as your sales network, orders, services and educating customers. A website affords the perfect opportunity to sort and classify your products and services. active3 can be customized to your needs and will provide an invaluable tool for your business. 
The ergonomic operation of active3 both for the administrator and the visitors, is the result of a three-year study followed by in-depth trials. This is therefore a proven content management system which has been supporting hundreds of companies since 2000.

Give your company the prestige it deserves
active3 is the most professional solution for presenting your company online, offering prestige to your business - all your efforts will be rewarded. This versatile, easily-updatable presentation of your company will enhance the public's confidence in you, forming a very positive image and thus leading to increased sales.
Use your website as a tool to communicate with your visitors and add interactive elements such as blogs, mailing lists and RSS Feed Newsletters. 
Be a step ahead of the competition by offering instant trading and create channels of support and assistance for your customers.

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