Where we stand in the industry

IPS is one of the few companies in Greece to have developed from scratch its own content management system (CMS), active3. This literally allows our clients to manage their website independently: change photos; update news; add or delete pages… the options are endless. And it’s easy. That’s why we have currently developed more active websites than anyone else in Northern Greece.

Our software and hardware means we have one of the most sought after tools in the industry: flexibility. We can bend over backwards to offer web development for any type or size of company. We offer a fast turnaround and once you are launched onto the Internet, you control the website independently.

How we stand apart from the competition:

   IPS Most competitors
 Own CMS  Yes  No
 In house designers  Yes  No
 In house research team  Yes  No
 ISO standards  Yes  No
 Resellers network  Yes  No
 Strong presence at exhibitions  Yes  No
 Over a decade of experience  Yes  No

Our current position:

Link Popularity of IPS Vs Competition

Only the very best make it onto our tight-knit team, where innovation, dedication and professionalism see us constantly surpassing ISO-certified standards.

IPS has a strong presence at the worthy web development exhibitions.

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