Brief history

IPS was founded in Thessaloniki in 1999, a couple of years after the Internet reached Greece, and was among the first in the country to offer dynamic websites. It is currently among the top web developing companies in Greece, with the know-how, the tools and, most importantly, the innovation to adapt to the market’s ever-changing needs and maintain its prominent position.
Over the past 15 years, IPS has flourished and grown to become a recognised pioneer in web development, web hosting and web promotion. The company recently relocated its dynamic team of experts to a new, bigger head office in Thessaloniki. Its dedication to offer clients the latest web solutions drove the creation of its own breakthrough technology (active3 CMS), which is a market favourite.

A Cloud: a reliable, scalable, inexpensive computing platform
IPS offers Cloud Hosting, which provides massive technical and economical advantages for the websites it develops. Thanks to the load balancing systems of the rack servers, IPS-developed websites will always be quickly available and will never go offline. The possibilities are endless.


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