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Being in the clouds guarantees website uptime!

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting

In collaboration with Microsoft Incubation Center and Interworks, we provide cloud hosting solutions for websites and E-shops. We offer stability, safety and quick response times for websites with advanced requirements.

The job of the ‘load balancing' is to share out the traffic to servers with a smaller workload. Thus a constant workload is maintained, ensuring direct response, while the copies in each server simultaneously ensure the integrity and the availability of your files in the first level.

The clusters are protected by hardware firewalls and an intrusion prevention system shields data from any attacks. The network servers are also automatically protected against viruses. Banks from backup servers implement the normal daily backup. Diagnostic programs observe each server to recognise any random problems or muddled responsibility and reorganise the flow of data through freer servers.

We are the first company in Greece to use a cloud farm, housed in Thessaloniki's Microsoft Incubation Center. If availability, speed and security are fundamental for your Internet presence, then you should choose from the following cloud hosting options:


Hosting packages and VPS solutions

Simple hosting versus Cloud hosting
Simple hosting versus Cloud hosting
A new season ahead for hosting Internet applications.
Choose which Cloud hosting option is best for you
Choose which Cloud hosting option is best for you
Supplement the current search methods on offer by hosting your network in Clouds.
Website / Eshop Hosting Packages
Cloud Servers Standard Packages
Cloud Servers Professional Packages

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