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Implementing your ideas
Whatever your business or individual needs, IPS will listen to you every step of the way. And with over ten years’ experience, we offer a professional, accurate and innovative web development service that is refreshingly fast.

We have the Tools
Thanks to the size of our company and the experts that make up our team – plus our use of the latest technology – IPS works faster, carries larger workloads and offers better prices than any other company we know. Web development procedures and software features are standardised for optimum efficiency.

Get a Free Quote
After a consultation to determine the client’s unique requirements, discuss multi-media options, look at web promotion, web marketing and E-shop possibilities, IPS will choose the best web development suite and offer a free quote.

Meeting Deadlines
IPS prides itself in a fast turnover and the client soon sees a draft layout of the product. Changes are then applied and a final version accepted. The web application code is adjusted, the final configurations are made and the dynamic product is released. This process takes just 3 to 4 weeks.

Customer Support
Next comes after sales support, with training and a FAQ area. Thanks to its custom-made CMS, the client can then update the website independently. IPS is ISO-certified and standard industry procedures apply.

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